Rich and complex, our new color Bayleaf is a versatile four-season shade

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Our hemp-Tencel top in Bayleaf coordinates beautifully.

The Princess Top in Bayleaf coordinates beautifully with most of my other shades.

In zeroing in on my newest color, I was looking for a complex of tones that draws from both the earth and its vegetation. The resulting fusion makes Bayleaf a very wearable shade, one that’s versatile too. Bayleaf looks great in TopsSkirts, and Pants.

A pair of hemp - Tencel Stovepipe Pants looks smart below a Swallowtail Top.

A pair of Stovepipe Pants in Bayleaf looks smart below a Swallowtail Top in Turmeric.

Like all Sympatico shades, Bayleaf items are created using low-impact dyes that offer excellent colorfastness while minimizing environmental impact.

Discovering those very specific tones that enhance one can be a satisfying experience or a fruitless quest depending on the shades involved. I address the challenges and rewards in this blog post.

Sympatico’s unique fabric blend combines hemp with sustainably made Tencel (lyocel). While the hemp content adds amazing durability and strength, the Tencel adds a subtle sheen and vibrance to colors such as Bayleaf that otherwise might seem drab.

To keep your Bayleaf (or any other shade) looking great longer, check your laundry IQ and grab some smart, eco-friendly clothing care tips here


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