Brown/Gold/Beige Hand-painted Silk Kalamkari Scarf

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"I take sustainable fashion seriously. Organic clothing shoppers can rest easy knowing I design the Sympatico collection with respect for the earth and its people. Each piece is handcrafted in the US using eco-friendly, nontoxic hemp and Tencel to offer years of timeless style."
-- Designer Rose Gerstner, Sympatico founder
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Brown/gold/beige/grey silk crepe scarf. Measures approximately 12 1/2” by 44”. Hand wash cold. Do not scrub. Use neutral detergent or shampoo. Fabric made in Bangalore, India. 

Kalamkari Collection ~ Kalamkari is an ancient and now rare, traditional art form practiced in India. Once the domain of men, some rural women now create these exquisite hand-painted silks using natural vegetable dyes. The cloth is first treated with milk and then the design is drawn by hand, using burnt tamarind twigs.  Hues are drawn from the earth and sky—pomegranate reds, leaf greens, raven-wing blacks and Lord Krishna blues—the kalamkari artists  of Bangalore create works of splendid beauty while helping support their households.