Women's Tops

Light Weight, Mid Weight - What's the Difference?

Sympatico tops are made in two fabric weights: Light Weight and Mid Weight. Both are a sustainable blend of woven 55% hemp and 45% Tencel™ (lyocell) that's preshrunk and easily machine washed and tumble- or line-dried. The difference is the Light Weight is woven with a smaller gauge (thinner) yarn. Both weights are soft and comfy and let your skin breathe.

Light Weight is a breezy 4-oz. square weave to help keep your summer cool. Used only on Sympatico tops, it dries quickly and is slightly more prone to wrinkles than Mid Weight. It's great in the tropics and on those steamy summer days!

Mid Weight is a 6.2-oz. square weave with a little more body. If you want your top to match the color of pants or a skirt exactly, it's better to select the Mid Weight since all the pants and skirts are cut in that fabric.