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Women's Scarves

Handcrafted scarves made of fibers including cotton, rayon, linen and silk that accent the Sympatico Clothing collection wonderfully.

Jeju Collection ~ The island of Jeju in South Korea has a 500-year long history of organic vegetable dyeing, most notably using persimmon pulp to toughen and dye traditional cotton clothing. While meandering through Jeju City with my daughter, we stumbled upon a dye shop run by Hee Jin and her mother-in-law. Using all-natural, organic substances, they dye the clothing and other creations they sew and quilt. They have practiced their art for many years and collect most dyestuff materials on their family farm, whose cash crop is tangerines. Hee Jin named the sources of  the organic dyes used for each of a group of scarves I bought to offer here. At times, though, she didn't know the English word and Google Translate wasn't helping. I've done my best to list the materials used in the product names.

Jogja Collection ~ My daughter Willow recently lived in Yogyakarta, the cultural center of Java, drawn there by its vibrant arts scene. An artist herself, I asked Willow to keep an eye out for extraordinary scarves, knowing how delightfully they accessorize the Sympatico collection. Combing the batik and ikat workshops of “Jogja,” as the city’s called by its inhabitants, she unearthed some fine examples of textile art. Masters of resist dyeing and fabric painting, Javanese textile artists are among the world’s finest, and my Yogyakarta Scarf Collection reflects that. Because each design is one-of-a-kind, I have just one of each scarf available. The Jogja Collection includes all of the patterned scarves listed above.

Our Silk/Linen Scarves ~ Textured Silk/Linen Scarves are another great accessory. We've created these solid-colored wearables here in the USA.

Linen/Cotton Wrap ~ Looks delicate and wears ruggedly! Made in Italy.