Waste not, want not--creatively!

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section of quilt made form scrapsGrowing up I heard the expression “Waste not, want not” countless times from my parents. Both were the eldest of large families and reached adolescence just as the nation was plunging into the Great Depression. My dad was from a farming family who also had to deal with the challenges of the Dust Bowl during that time.

Both my parents left school early to work in support of the rest of their families. Even with that sacrifice and extra income, my  father spoke of times he went to bed hungry during those difficult years.

In their adult life, my parents carefully purchased, maintained and then reused whenever possible. In the process, they valued creativity and resourcefulness. My dad once built a barn from recycled wood and my mom sewed stuffed animals from remnants for her kids and grandchildren.

Those values must have gone in deeply. I 'm always delighted to see what friends and neighbors fashion from the scraps I pass on from making the Sympatico collection.  Projects run the gamut from strip quilting to children’s clothing to three-dimensional crafts.

A long-time customer, Rhonda, stopped by my booth recently to show me the quilt she pieced using my scraps and some other, well-chosen fabrics. She was a little shy about having her picture taken so you can just see her eyes in some of the shots. Such a beautiful piece! That she used Sympatico scraps to make this artwork warms my heart!

Front and Back of Rhonda's Quilt Made from Scraps


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