Travel Tales: Our Tank Tops take a hike

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Cindy Kimball, the winner of this edition of Travel Tales, loves her Sympatico clothes because "they are comfortable, wear well even on trips after having been packed away in luggage, are light and look nice."

But she's a true devotee of the Sympatico Tank Top. She put a trio of them to work as part of her core wardrobe while hiking Britain’s scenic Cotswolds.

Heading into a pub at the end of a day hiking to Chipping Camden.

Every day, we would walk to a small village, eat dinner in a pub, spend the night in a B & B, and after breakfast, our luggage was shuttled to the next village and we would walk/hike to it. I wore your tanks with a skort as I hiked for seven days and 54 miles. I tend to be warm blooded, so the tanks work well for me.

From walking the Northern Cascades range in Washington to sojourns in New York and Hawaii, Tank Tops have earned a regular spot in Cindy’s luggage.

As a bit of a travel junkie, I love hearing about, and better yet, seeing your adventures—especially when Sympatico wear is involved! Send me your Travel Tale along with one or more pictures of you in your Sympatico wear and I’ll send you a $100 gift certificate if I use them. Email with the subject line, “Travel Tales.”


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