I designed these women's hemp and Tencel pants to fit your life

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Wide legs. Skinny legs. High rise. Low rise. Straight hems. Flared hems. Most of us have lived long enough to see these ripples in pants fashions come and go several times over. In designing Sympatico's Stovepipe and Cropped Pants I aimed for classic shapes that are both flattering and comfy. Looks that will outlive all those fleeting fashion tremors.

With roomy pockets and an elastic waist, Stovepipe Pants combine fit and function with comfort.

With roomy pockets and an elastic waist, Stovepipe Pants combine fit and function with comfort.

Sympatico’s mid-weight hemp and Tencel fabric is an ideal material for pants. Thanks to its supple drape, the Stovepipe and Cropped pants resist lap wrinkles and bounce back beautifully from a day's wear on the hanger overnight. Deeper wrinkles such as those brought on by packing and travel are easily remedied with a quick spritz of water.

The classic lines of Cropped Pants in Plum work attractively beneath a Princess Top in undyed Natural.

The classic lines of Cropped Pants in Plum work attractively beneath a Princess Top in undyed Natural hemp - Tencel.

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