Artisan-Crafted Gifts for Her

Clothing, scarves, and jewelry designed especially for eco-conscious women seeking timeless, sustainable style. Sympatico’s lineup of sustainable clothing makes is ideal for putting together capsule wardrobes that are eco-friendly and stylish.



Our versatile, bestselling hemp/tencel Tuxedo Top is great worn layered or alone. Like the entire Sympatico line of women’s hemp/Tencel clothing, it's handcrafted in the US to offer many seasons of wear. 



Give one-of-a-kind dyed scarves and wraps that coordinate well with the Sympatico line. Shown: a luxurious wrap of Silk Organza over a Trapeze Tunic and Flip Skirt.



Pair a Princess Top with a Curved Skirt to enjoy unencumbered movement and style. Both items are hand crafted in sustainable hemp/Tencel that breathes beautifully.



Sympatico’s lineup of eco-friendly clothing and accessories appeal to eco-conscious women seeking timeless, sustainable style. Our collection of hemp and Tencel clothing for mature women includes tops, pants, and skirts.



Sympatico Gift Certificates are welcomed by women who value comfort, ease, and all-natural, handmade artisan wear. 


They’ll love browsing our collection of tops, jackets, pants and scarves. For more information on our fabrics and sizes, encourage her to start with our "What Size Am I?" page. We also offer custom cuts and alterations


Give sustainable fashion from Sympatico!


I overdye remnants using the ties and patterns of Japanese shibori, a technique employing manual resists to produce wonderful, tie-dye-like effects. Because they’re made from the same fabric as your Sympatico items, these scarves are especially well suited accents. Each is one-of-a-kind.


I bought this batik fabric in Yogyakarta, the cultural center of Java, drawn there by its vibrant arts scene. Masters of resist dyeing and fabric painting, Javanese textile artists are among the world’s finest. I have just two of these scarves available. 


Explore the complete Sympatico scarf collection.


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