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about-sewing-sm.jpgIn an age when "green" has become just another buzzword to sell product, what does it mean to try to be a green apparel company?

To me, as founder of Sympatico Clothing, it means a number of things. My goal is to create products that:

  • are made with respect for people and nature
  • fulfill my customers' desire for apparel that's unique and comfortable
  • are an expression of my creativity


rose-sympatico-clothingI choose sustainable fabrics that are processed in environmentally responsible ways. The fiber reactive dyes used in our clothing have little or no heavy metals and are processed in small batches that waste less water. Sympatico styles are meant to endure, and the fabrics hold up to everyday wear over time.

I am trying to live in balance with the world we inhabit, and leave it a better place for our children. Part of this involves limiting my negative impact on the earth and its resources. I strive to reduce waste, recycle and use eco-friendly components in creating my products.

about-rose-sympaticoAs a woman with many years in the clothing industry, I am focused on creating beautiful apparel using earth-friendly fabrics in shapes designed for movement. I want the clothes to be part of the artwork of your personal style. They must look good, feel good, be well made, and above all, reflect respect for our Earth.

Sympatico Clothing