Women's Scarves

These handcrafted scarves in cotton, rayon, linen, silk, wool, hemp and Tencel accent the Sympatico Clothing collection wonderfully and make lovely gifts.

Jogja Collection ~ My daughter Willow lives in Yogyakarta, the cultural center of Java, drawn there by its vibrant arts scene. An artist herself, I asked Willow to keep an eye out for extraordinary scarves, knowing how delightfully they accessorize the Sympatico collection. Combing the batik and ikat workshops of “Jogja,” as the city’s called by its inhabitants, she unearthed some fine examples of textile art. Masters of resist dyeing and fabric painting, Javanese textile artists are among the world’s finest, and my Yogyakarta Scarf Collection reflects that. Most designs are one-of-a-kind, so usually I have just one of each scarf available. 

Kalamkari Collection ~ Kalamkari is an ancient and now rare, traditional art form practiced in India. Once the domain of men, some rural women now create these exquisite hand-painted silks using natural vegetable dyes. The cloth is first treated with milk and then the design is drawn by hand, using burnt tamarind twigs.  Hues are drawn from the earth and sky—pomegranate reds, leaf greens, raven-wing blacks and Lord Krishna blues—the kalamkari artists of Bangalore create works of splendid beauty while helping support their households.

Hemp/Tencel Collection ~ I overdye remnants using the ties and patterns of Japanese shibori, a technique employing manual resists to produce wonderful, tie-dye-like effects. Because they’re made from the same fabric as your Sympatico items, these scarves are especially well suited accents. Each is one-of-a-kind.

Our Silk/Linen Scarves ~ Textured Silk/Linen Scarves are another great accessory. We've created these solid-colored wearables here in the USA.

From my fabric stash ~ Natural fabrics that were waiting for the perfect project.