Hemp/Tencel women’s clothes: Earth-friendly 7-day wearability  

We all know about hemp's environmental upside: it can be grown without pesticides or herbicides and it’s biodegradable and hypoallergenic. Blending hemp’s natural durability and tendency to soften during laundering with Earth-friendly Tencel results in a fabric that resembles linen but is softer, more supple and perfectly marries style with sustainability. That’s why I’ve chosen to create my entire Sympatico clothing line in a blend of Hemp/Tencel fabric.

tencel-hemp-womens-tops   tencel-hemp-womens-skirts   tencel-hemp-womens-pants


Bekah’s Tuxedo Top and Curved Skirt gracefully blur the line between work and weekend wear. 

Eco-friendly Tencel

Like bamboo and rayon fabrics, Tencel is made from wood cellulose. But, unlike them, Tencel’s supply chain is transparent: it comes from farmed eucalyptus forests and is grown without genetic manipulation, irrigation, or pesticides. Tencel has won certification by the Forest Stewardship Council and The European Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification thanks to the sustainable farming practices used to grow its raw materials.



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 Closing the loop on sustainable women’s fashions

The cellulose used for Tencel is processed using a closed-loop system in which non-toxic organic solvents are recycled with a recovery rate of 99.5%. The remaining emissions are decomposed in purification plants. This process was awarded the European Award for the Environment by the European Union.


Sympatico’s blend of hemp and Tencel gives the Swallowtail Top and Angled skirt an easy drape.

Rayon's nice but...

As a women’s clothing designer, the lovely hand and drape of rayon have always been alluring, but knowing about rayon manufacturing’s big environmental downside has dampened my enthusiasm. Aside from generating air and water pollutants, there’s no way of knowing if the wood was raised and harvested sustainably, and the manufacturing process itself literally stinks. That’s what makes Tencel, with its rayon-like characteristics such an exciting, Earth-friendly fashion alternative.

Even the small stuff adds up

We primarily use sustainable tagua nut and shell buttons and keep our packaging Earth friendly. And by handcrafting our womens tops, skirts, and pants right here in America, we minimize your clothing’s carbon footprint.

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tencel-hemp-womens-tops   tencel-hemp-womens-skirts   tencel-hemp-womens-pants