Pants weather straight ahead: Stovepipe Pants

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Stovepipe Pants for col days ahead

As autumn approaches, Stovepipe Pants paired with [L-R] a Princess Top or Tuxedo Top are a stylish and smart choice.

Yes, I know. While August continues to sizzle, it’s hard to think about chilling winds and deep freezes, but for some of us, that’ll be a reality all too soon. Even now, up here in the Siskiyou Mountains, nights have a little more nip. And when that chill factor strikes where you live, pants make sense. I designed Sympatico’s Stovepipe Pants to embody what I consider the essentials:

  • Pockets! Room for keys, hankies, maybe a phone
  • Slim-leg profile to resist wintry blasts
  • Classic shape that’s always in style
  • Versatility that readily dresses up or down
  • Made with sustainable methods and materials

I have good stock in most colors and sizes in Stovepipe Pants. If you don’t see your color/size combination on the Sympatico website, drop me an email here or call me at 541-899-3988 from 9 - 5 pm Pacific Time. If I have the yardage, I’m happy to cut and sew out-of-stock items — and usually ship them within a matter of days. There’s no extra charge for this. 


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Black never seems to lose its prime position in smart dressing…even in summer.

In school I was taught that black is the absence of color and I suppose that’s technically true. But maybe black is something like salt, an essential ingredient that is rarely foreground, but nonetheless, essential. I see it as a sort of seasoning for the whole Sympatico color palette.Because Sympatico’s hemp/Tencel blend has superb breathability, black [...]

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Saying sayonara to Peach: I have just a handful of items left in Peach, a seasonal shade never to be seen again.

Most seasons I offer a shade or two for just that season; when the dye lot is completely sold, that’s it. And that time’s come for Peach as the end of summer lies just ahead, I have a smattering of tops as well as a full range of Angled Skirts still available in this sunny [...]

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My newest color, Turmeric, like its namesake, spices up summer.

Our Graphite Swallowtail Top works well with a Turmeric Flip Skirt.The word's out on turmeric. Not only does this Asian root crop spice up foods with its distinct flavor and color, it's also known for its powerful antioxidant properties. My nutrition-savvy doctor swears by the stuff. While I can’t promise an antioxidant effect, Sympatico’s newest shade is [...]

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What are the qualities that make a great casual skirt?

This question got me thinking about what matters to me when designing or wearing casual skirts. It really boils down to just a few things: Fabric that breathes, is made to last and is good for you and the planet A flexible design that addresses gaining or losing a few pounds And above all, STYLE! Classic shapes and [...]

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Mix it? Match it? The Sympatico color palette

The underlying idea of Sympatico’s color scheme is straightforward. Classic colors such as Graphite, Natural and Grey Fog work like neutrals and form the base of the Sympatico wardrobe. My fashion colors, in this case, Peach, add panache. Shades must communicate and work with each other to make the cut in my color scheme. Mix and [...]

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Presenting Peach—Sympatico's newest shade

Direct from the dye bath, here’s my newest shade: Peach! With the promise of summer just ahead it’ll inject a colorful note into the warm months ahead. As with all my new shades, my aim was to come up with a shade that coordinates well with the rest of the Sympatico palette. Peach hits that [...]

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Pack light & look great on your next travel adventure

Don't pack too much!It slows you down, tires you out and leaves no room for purchases. What's essential: passport or ID, money, good shoes, medications. What's smart: a coordinated wardrobe that looks stylish, feels comfortable and is culturally appropriate. Check the weather for your destination: what's the norm and what's currently happening? Look at photos on the internet to see how the [...]

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Finding the sweet spot between style & comfort

Cleaning out some files recently, I stumbled upon some amusing old photos. The walk down memory lane was fun, but also instructive about how fashion, body shape and comfort have influenced my perception of fit over the years.This snapshot of my uncle and me taken in 1972 at a cousin's wedding depicts a dress length [...]

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One top, two looks

From casual to dressy, the Tuxedo Top transforms into your look. Create your own look on any given day with our wearable, durable hemp/Tencel clothing.Anna’s Tuxedo Top in Twilight worn with  Stovepipe Pants in Black (left) creates a tidy profile; (right) pairing the Tuxedo with a Tank Top and a  Flip Skirt in Black and boots produces a different look.

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