A gratitude practice can be a healthy response to life’s slings and arrows.

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I’m thankful for Thanksgiving itself. Every year it serves as a reminder that gratitude as a regular practice can help us ride out the storms that can otherwise overwhelm us at times. As you’ve doubtlessly read, medical people rank gratitude highly as a means of improving and maintaining our health. And on a strictly personal level, I’m attracted to grateful people; they’re just more fun to be with.

And I’m grateful to you, Sympatico fans. The warm relationships I’ve developed with customers over the years transcend mere business. I count you all among my blessings and hope that each of you will enjoy a Thanksgiving resonant with gratitude.


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How to see the real beauty within

Guest post by Jennifer Scott of Beautifully AliveLadies, let’s get something straight today: we all know it’s a tough and judgmental world out there. As far back in history as we learn about from the textbooks in school, women have been taught to decorate their bodies and faces with clothing, makeup, and jewelry. It has been instilled in us as a [...]

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Travel Tales: Honeymoon in Israel

Lots of you tell me you take your Sympatico wear along when you travel. I’d love to hear (and see) more about how it worked for you. Where did you go? What styles did you wear? How did your Sympatico items travel? Got any packing tips? In telling your Travel Tale, feel free to color [...]

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Travel Tales: Travelwear tips from an intrepid voyager

When I recently put out a call for Sympatico fans’ travel tales (and photos) for publication here, I didn’t know that I had Edith Vermiji in mind. But in reading her submission, I realized she’s emblematic of so many women who visit my booth at craft fairs. Smart, educated, engaged in interesting work, and widely [...]

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A special delivery in time for the holidays

I had the honor of attending the birth of my second grandchild this week, a girl named Shasta. Though I live almost a 6-hour drive from my son and his family, I booked a room nearby for the due date plus a few days after. My daughter is a trained photographer and came along to [...]

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Expanding perspectives through Thanksgiving

In a time when there's been a lot of (perhaps justified) talk about how bad things are, it's really nice to turn my attention to Thanksgiving! My daughter's visiting for a few weeks from out of town, and she and I started the holiday off helping deliver boxes of food to needy families in our [...]

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Madeleine Vionnet: timeless classic lines

Madeleine Vionnet: If the name doesn’t ring a bell, you’re not alone. Though less well known, her work has influenced designers such as John Galliano, Issey Miyake, Azzadine Alaia, among others.A reading of her biography reveals a woman who remained true to her own vision. Born in Loiret, France in 1876, Madeleine Vionnet was married [...]

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Crafting comfortable, clothes — an interview with Rose Gerstner

Guest post by Willow Paule at Willow Paule Photography. This article is one of a series on creative process. Willow posts about creativity, unusual jobs and travel. Rose Gerstner is a clothing designer and small business owner and also my mother! I sat down to ask her a few questions.How does your creativity manifest itself? I get [...]

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