Dyeing with metals: Sympatico's new Alchemy scarf collection

Dyeing with metals: Sympatico's new Alchemy scarf collection

Posted by Rose on 23rd Jan 2024

I’ve become a metalhead while delving into the magical dyeing possibilities of combining various oxidized metals with tannins from different sources.

hemp scarf

The Shades of Grey Linen Scarf has a lovely pink cast that coordinates well with the Grey Fog Trapeze Tunic.

The results of my recent forays into the dyeing effects of oxidized metals include rich shades of brown, grey, rust, and muted tones of eggplant and black. Using different tannin sources broadens the potential color palette in delightful and sometimes unexpected ways.

As with Sympatico's entire scarf collection, each Alchemy edition scarf is one of a kind.

Gossamer-like Silk Organza imparts an airy hand to this enticing square.

The Starburst Silk Scarf features the luxurious hand of charmeuse.

Botanical prints hand-applied to the Autumn Serenade Scarf offer complex details.

Sympatico's artisan-made scarf collection

In case you’ve not checked out the Sympatico scarf collection lately, you’ll find a lovely selection of hand-dyeing techniques, shades and sizes on offer.These include traditional batiked and botanical-motif scarves from Yogyakarta, Indonesia as well as indigo and organically dyed designs I craft here.You’ll also find some beautiful examples of the Indian traditional art of Kalamkari painting on silk.

Among those I make are scarves fashioned from the same lightweight hemp/Tencel fabric I use in the Sympatico clothing collection. Hence those scarves will match your Sympatico wear in look and texture perfectly.

Because each is a one-of-a-kind creation, if a particular scarf calls to you, I’d recommend ordering soon.