We’re excited at the prospects for 2019

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2018 is under our belt and a new year is upon us with all its potential for change — and I'm excited!

Comfortable, natural clothing you can move in!

Taking a midwinter break can be a rewarding respite — a time to recharge, refocus and reflect on the things that matter most.

I’ll be in Asia exploring textiles during January and will handle your special order needs on my return. During the rest of January, Sympatico will still fill orders for in-stock items. I’ll handle your special-cut and hemming needs on my return in February. In the meanwhile, I’m well stocked in most shades and sizes in TopsSkirts, and Pants

Speaking of travel, I get a lot of great feedback from intrepid fans who take their Sympatico clothing on the road when they roam the world. They appreciate the easy breathing comfort of our unique hemp/Tencel blend. It shrugs off odors while wrinkles relax with just a quick spritz or a steamy bathroom. If you've traveled with Sympatico, I'd love to share your experiences and photos. And if I publish your Travel Tale, you'll get a $100 gift certificate.  I've posted some tips on sending in your story here.

From the Travel Tales archive:

Honeymoon in Israel

Travelwear tips from an intrepid voyager

Sympatico's Tank Top takes a hike

A Trapeze Tunic in Turmeric with 24” Flip Skirt in Graphite combine nicely for versatile outfit that’s travel-friendly.

Trapeze Tunic in Turmeric with 24”  Flip Skirt in Graphite combine nicely for versatile outfit that’s travel-friendly.

Sympatico is more than just about clothes

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Pants weather straight ahead: Stovepipe Pants

As autumn approaches, Stovepipe Pants paired with [L-R] a Princess Top or Tuxedo Top are a stylish and smart choice.Yes, I know. While August continues to sizzle, it’s hard to think about chilling winds and deep freezes, but for some of us, that’ll be a reality all too soon. Even now, up here in the Siskiyou Mountains, nights have a [...]

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What’s with all the buzz about hemp clothing?

I yielded to temptation with this post's  headline. I can only plead that everybody seems to resort to puns where hemp coverage is concerned. But behind all the jokey headlines there’s a dawning reality that hemp offers a great alternative to synthetic fibers and rayons and even the old standard for comfort, cotton. Anastacia’s Tuxedo Top and Curved Skirt are [...]

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What are the qualities that make a great casual skirt?

This question got me thinking about what matters to me when designing or wearing casual skirts. It really boils down to just a few things: Fabric that breathes, is made to last and is good for you and the planet A flexible design that addresses gaining or losing a few pounds And above all, STYLE! Classic shapes and [...]

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Fickle spring weather’s made for layering

Layered looks make sense when you don’t know which way the wind may blow. Up here in the Northwest, when we saunter out on a spring day, we dress for three seasons. That’s why versatility is a key ingredient in my design objectives: many Sympatico styles are created to dress up or down, and maybe more [...]

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Finding the sweet spot between style & comfort

Cleaning out some files recently, I stumbled upon some amusing old photos. The walk down memory lane was fun, but also instructive about how fashion, body shape and comfort have influenced my perception of fit over the years.This snapshot of my uncle and me taken in 1972 at a cousin's wedding depicts a dress length [...]

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Down the drain: Microfiber pollution hidden threat

Today an astounding 60% of all clothing is made with synthetic materials. Housewares that include textiles are produced with an even higher percentage of plastics. From bedding (remember when we used to call them ”linens”?) to microfiber fleece and undies, fabrics derived from petrochemicals and inorganic chemicals have changed the textile landscape. Unfortunately, they’re also [...]

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Does modest dressing oppress or liberate women?

There's a controversy about modest fashion between those who think it is for oppressed women who are often seen as backward religious adherents and others who consider it aspirational and reflective of independent women who dress for themselves rather than for men.According to The New York Times’s chief fashion critic, Vanessa Friedman, modest dressing is a defining [...]

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What's so great about Tencel (and hemp)!

When I began Sympatico, it was with the aim to make comfortable, wearable clothing and to do the right thing environmentally. But finding the right fabric proved to be challenging. Early on, I zeroed in on Tencel as a possible candidate since it's really soft, lets your skin breathe, absorbs moisture, drapes beautifully and resists wrinkles. Unlike [...]

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The big stretch: how I use elastic

It’s not uncommon for me to hear shoppers in my show booth exclaim, “Oh, good—elastic!” They know what I know—elasticized waists make a lot of sense when dealing with non-standard tummy proportions. But it goes further than that. Anyone who has a fluctuating waistline or experiences bloating can appreciate the forgiving fit elastic offers.Unfortunately, [...]

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