Tips for Your Travel Tales Entry

Tips for Your Travel Tales Entry

Posted by Rose on 29th May 2018

Because so many of you have shared your adventures while wearing Sympatico, I was inspired to create Travel Tales — a semi-regular email feature.

Send me your Travel Tale along with one or more pictures of you in your Sympatico wear and I’ll send you a $100 store credit if I use them for the Blog. (I may also use your image(s) and comments in other ways to promote Sympatico.) Email me with the subject line, “Travel Tales.”

Feel free to tell your own story, your way, but for inspiration, here a few things to consider:

About your clothes

  • How did your Sympatico clothing work with your itinerary?
  • How did it hold up to packing and travel?
  • If you traveled with multiple Sympatico items, how did you layer/coordinate them?
  • What was your experience laundering Sympatico wear on the go? 

About your trip

  • Where exactly did you go?
  • Why?
  • What time of year was it?
  • What was the culture/vibe?
  • What did you love?
  • What did you not love?
  • What preconceptions evaporated on the trip?

Tips for taking good photos (courtesy of my photographer-daughter, Willow)

  1. Consider the light source. Can you go outside for the shot? Natural light is the easiest to deal with using a cellphone camera. If it's noon, you may want to find a shady corner, as noontime shadows can be quite strong and unflattering. Walls, gates, water, and green spaces all make good backgrounds. 
  2. If an outdoor space is not available, avoid standing right under an indoor lighting source so errant shadows aren't cast on your face. Stand to the side of a window with natural light coming in, it allows soft light to hit the side of your face and body.
  3. Think about what colors you're wearing. Contrasting the colors you're wearing with the background can make a beautiful photograph. For example, if you're in Sympatico's Plum shade, try standing in front in front of a solid yellow or orange background. Try to find backgrounds that aren't busy, so you're the focus of the photo.
  4. Sympatico styles encourage freedom of movement.. Try a pose with one foot slightly to the side or front, an arm out to the side, or on your hip. The impression of movement engages the viewer. Try a few different poses. You can choose your favorite when you're finished. Rejoice in digital photography's gift to the amateur: do-overs to your heart's content!