​Three Ways to Find Your Personal Style

​Three Ways to Find Your Personal Style

Posted by Rose on 13th Apr 2016

When you shop for clothing for mature women, make self-expression the goal.

The key elements of finding your personal style are fit, comfort and functionality. Trust your eyes and gut sense

During the craft fair season I spend a lot of time in my show booth helping women of all shapes and sizes find a flattering look. By observing those women as well as my own attitudes towards fashion and fit, I've begun formulating some ideas I'd like to share.

1. Trust your eyes and gut sense

Over the years we form certain convictions about the styles, shapes and colors that do and don't work for us. Those ideas can persist for decades even though our figures and coloration have likely changed a lot. Next time you're shopping, forget what you think you know and look in the mirror with an open mind instead. If you feel you can't trust your eyes or intuition, then bring along a trusted friend.

2. Think ahead

To find that versatile piece destined to become a stalwart in your wardrobe, think about how you plan to wear it. What sorts of occasions? What seasons? What other garments and accessories will you wear with it? Does it dress up or down easily? If the answers come easily and positively, you could well be looking at a future favorite. (Formalwear is an exception—we usually shop for it with one kind of occasion in mind.)

3. Comfort is key

While it's hard to miss a seam that binds or a top that gaps unflatteringly, assessing comfort is more subtle than that. When trying on a prospective purchase be sure all your movements are natural and unhampered. Take a breath in front of the dressing room mirror to get quiet and consider if your body feels at home in this garment. Wearing apparel that fits well and moves with your body is both energizing and emboldening.