Why I love working at home

Why I love working at home

Posted by Rose on 21st Oct 2021

With a few brief exceptions, I’ve worked at home my whole adult life. Telecommuting is a big thing these days, but working at home, especially when I was raising two kids seemed as utterly logical then as it does now.

Sewing at my serger

Me at my serger, happily sewing Sympatico clothing.

Many Sympatico fans are home-based in their work too. Like me, they value deciding their own schedules and priorities, allowing them to more seamlessly integrate home and work. I love being able to work while keeping tabs on that pot simmering on the stove with tonight’s meal. Home offices usually offer a smaller footprint, both in terms of environmental and financial impact by eliminating commuting and providing a less costly workspace. By living where I work, I set work hours to match my personal productivity style (hint: I’m not an early-morning person!).

We recently added windows, walls and paint to our garage space to make a Sympatico "warehouse."

Welcome to my home studio!

Of course, working at home has its disadvantages. The convenience of having your work close at hands can easily become a liability if you tend toward a Type A personality. There are times when separating the two can be tricky. Having worked for decades at home, I’m still trying to sharpen the often fuzzy boundaries between my work and the rest of my life. Being rural and for the most part working alone can be isolating. Occasional helpers as well as regular forays into town help alleviate that challenge.

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Shop Sympatico in person

My booth at the Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland most weekends through October is another way I deal with cabin fever. You can also visit my workshop near Jacksonville, Oregon by appointment. Give me a call at 541-899-3988 or send an email to confirm I’ll be at the market or to schedule a visit to my workshop.

Clothing made at home sustainably