Hemp clothes and humans: a 10-millennia epic

Hemp clothes have a long and illustrious history -- almost as long as the story of human civilization itself. They've been around since at least 8000 BC, when early human cultures began to cultivate the hemp plant. The fiber was ideally suited to make clothes because of its long, strong texture. Hemp clothes in particular were valued for their softness and extreme durability.

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 Bekah’s Tank Top and Curved Skirt are handcrafted in the USA in a

blended Hemp and Tencel fabric that’s easy to wear and care for.

Hemp Clothes Gain Popularity

Although hemp clothes have been with us throughout history, they were nearly forgotten in the early 1900s, when hemp products began to be replaced by synthetic fibers like nylon and paper made from trees. However, since interest in sustainable products has increased significantly in the late twentieth century and continues into the twenty-first, the many benefits of hemp clothes are finally being recognized again.

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Types of Hemp Fabric

Advancements in textile manufacturing have led to many different types of hemp cloth. From heavy canvases historically used for boat sails to contemporary soft linen-like fabrications, today hemp can be found in a wide range of fabrics.  Blended with other natural fibers, the sky’s the limit where hemp’s versatility is concerned. The 55% hemp/45% Tencel fabric I use exclusively is a great example. Combined, these two fibers result in a beautifully drapey fabric that’s easy care and ultra-comfortable.

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Anastacia’s Tuxedo Top and Curved Skirt neatly bridge the divide between office casual and weekend wear.The hemp content makes them great travel wear.   

Advantages of Hemp Clothes

Hemp clothes are made from fibers that can be grown sustainably without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. The deep roots of industrial hemp plants need little or no artificial irrigation. Hemp’s strength and durability along with it’s easy-breathing, easy-care character make it a great choice for natural clothes.  

Combined with Sympatico’s simple, timeless design ethic, hemp is the ideal choice for easygoing, versatile women’s casual wear.

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