A long travel skirt makes sense in nearly any setting.

A long travel skirt makes sense in nearly any setting.

Posted by Rose on 27th Mar 2019

Mandalay. I love how the syllables tumble effortlessly from our lips. When I was a kid, it was the royal capital of the country then known as Burma, and usually now called Myanmar. It has always seemed an unimaginably exotic place. Today, Mandalay is still considered the cultural and academic hub of Upper Burma. It's yet another country in Southeast Asia I hope to visit one day (and I've been to quite a few). So I was excited when Sympatico customer Carol Caldwell-Ewart submitted her Travel Tales entry.

Carol Caldwell-Ewart found her long travel skirt culturally on-target while visiting Mandalay.

Carol’s Angled Skirt worked nicely with temple dress codes and the sometimes oppressive humidity of Mandalay. 

Carol’s experience traveling in that region mirrors my own where it comes to wardrobe: a long travel skirt is a fantastic choice. As she notes, "My Sympatico [Angled] skirt fits right in here in Myanmar where most folks—men and women—are wearing skirts of beautiful fabrics and glorious colors.” Referring to the photo she included, she writes, “Here we are at the Kuthodaw Inscription Shrines in Mandalay, where 792 marble slabs are inscribed with Buddha’s teachings.”

Carol also had Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam on her itinerary; an ideal testing ground for her Angled Skirt.

Beside offering an attractive yet modest appearance in all kinds of settings, the Angled Skirt’s blend of hemp and Tencel is an easy travel companion. Wrinkles hang out overnight, especially in a steamy bathroom. Come to think of it, though, if you travel to Southeast Asia during monsoon season, that steamy environment will take care of itself anyplace that’s not air conditioned!

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