What’s with all the buzz about hemp clothing?

What’s with all the buzz about hemp clothing?

Posted by Rose on 30th Nov 2021

Here are some of the reasons why hemp clothing is suddenly taking off.

I admit it, I yielded to temptation with this post's punning headline. I can only plead that everybody seems to resort to puns where hemp coverage is concerned. But behind all the joking headlines there’s a dawning reality that hemp offers a great alternative to synthetic fibers and rayons and even the old standard for comfort, cotton.

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Hemp clothes are good for you and for the Earth

Unlike cotton, hemp is grown without pesticides or the copious amounts of water needed to produce cotton. When grown for its fiber, hemp actually improves the soil. Little or no synthetic fertilizers are used in hemp cultivation and its extensive root networks help aerate dense soils.

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Anastacia’s Tuxedo Top and Curved Skirt are made from a hemp/Tencel blend that drapes like a dream and travels like a trooper.

Hemp grows like mad, needs no artificial fertilizers or pesticides and it actually improves the soil. 

Blended with hemp, Tencel imparts its own sustainable magic

In Sympatico’s fabrics, hemp is blended with sustainably grown and produced Tencel, a fiber that's produced in an Earth friendly closed loop system. Sourced from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees, Tencel imparts a soft drape and subtle sheen. The blend of 55% hemp and 45% Tencel results in a remarkably soft and supple fabric that feels just as good on your body as it is for the Earth. As many Sympatico fans know, I’ve waxed rhapsodic on the virtues of hemp before. If you’re just getting up to speed, you may want to check out:

Why Hemp Clothes Make Sense

Easy Care Travel Wear Without Synthetics

The hemp in Sympatico’s collection is easy to wear and care for

Hemp wears like iron. No wonder sailing ships used the stuff for their sails—it’s crazy tough. But in hemp clothing, the fiber can be stiff and wrinkles can be hard to eliminate, even with a hot iron and firm hand. That’s another benefit of the Tencel content: it’s great at helping to relax wrinkles. Oftentimes, if your Sympatico hemp clothing is removed promptly from the dryer or carefully arranged on a drying rack, no ironing is needed.

Wrinkled items can usually be addressed with a light spritzing of water then left to hang overnight. Even better, hang your Sympatico hemp clothing in the bathroom where it’ll benefit from steam. And if you travel with your Sympatico tops, skirts, or pants, you can roll them up in your suitcase! Just hang them up upon arrival, give them a quick spritzing, and you’ll be perfectly presentable when you’re ready to head out.

What's with all the buzz about hemp clothing?