My newest color, Turmeric, like its namesake, spices up summer.

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Hemp - Tencel Knee-Length skirt

Our Graphite Swallowtail Top works well with a Turmeric Flip Skirt.

The word's out on turmeric. Not only does this Asian root crop spice up foods with its distinct flavor and color, it's also known for its powerful antioxidant properties. My nutrition-savvy doctor swears by the stuff. While I can’t promise an antioxidant effect, Sympatico’s newest shade is guaranteed to add pizzaz to summer outfits. Like its culinary namesake that coexists beautifully with other flavors, my new Turmeric shade gets along nicely with most all of the Sympatico palette.

Hemp - Tencel Tank Top and long skirt

Keep your summer cool in a Turmeric Tank Top and Paprika Angled Skirt.

I am well stocked in Turmeric topsskirts and Cropped Pants in most sizes. If you don’t see the style/size you’d like, I can probably make it to order. Call me at 541-899-3988 or drop me an email here to confirm that I have sufficient fabric.

Learn more about the benefits and uses of turmeric supplements here.


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