Why hemp and Tencel can hold a candle to organic clothing

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Made of an earth-friendly hemp and Tencel blend, the Princess Top minimizes your environmental footprint.

Made of an earth-friendly hemp and Tencel blend, the Princess Top minimizes your environmental footprint.

Textile production and apparel dyeing turn up on worldwide top-10 lists of the most polluting industries. For that reason, I applaud consumers who go out of their way and spend more to purchase organic clothes. Doing so helps protect our environment and improve the health of our soils. And most organic clothing manufacturers use low-impact dyes, which are substantially better for you and for the environment than conventional dyes.

Similar to organic clothing, hemp and Tencel are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals and pesticides. Although at this time there is no organic certification for hemp grown for textiles, it's an easy crop to grow without them. As more and more hemp is grown in the USA, organic certification programs will become more common. (Canada has certification but grows its hemp mostly for seed and food.) Hemp has distinct advantages over conventionally grown natural fibers such as cotton. Hemp is antimicrobial and exceedingly durable.

In the case of Tencel, the fiber is produced in a closed-loop system that recaptures virtually all processing chemicals. Water quality is restored through an algae-based purification process. Thanks to its soft and supple finish, when blended with hemp, Tencel imparts beautiful drape that’s wrinkle resistant and makes for easy care.

Unlike conventional textile processing which uses chlorine for washing (called scrubbing), hemp fabrics and blends are scrubbed with peroxide bleach, which decomposes into harmless water and oxygen. Sympatico's hemp/Tencel blend is thoughtfully colored with low-impact dyes.

Sympatico’s hemp/Tencel fabric blend is made in an earth-friendly manner from field to factory to you. You can learn more about Sympatico’s sustainable fabric here.


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