So happy together: searching the color spectrum for shades that enhance each other

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The simple elegance of a Black Princess Top with Grey Fog Stovepipe Pants is at home in nearly any setting.

The simple elegance of a Black Princess Top with Grey Fog Stovepipe Pants is at home in nearly any setting.

It's a truism that often the sum of the parts is greater than the whole, and I’ve found that’s especially true when it comes to artfully coordinating shades for pleasing combinations. One of the more challenging and interesting parts of creating a color palette is finding the precise tones that tend to get along well with one another and look great on a variety of skin colors. I look for those shades that will continue to make sense in the Sympatico palette years from now, making it easy to mix and match old favorites with newer purchases.

Vintage Rose Tuxedo Tops coordinate attractively over Plum Stovepipe Pants.

Vintage Rose Tuxedo Tops coordinate attractively over Plum Stovepipe Pants.

More Vintage Rose and Bayleaf in the works

I was caught flatfooted by the great response to both of my newest shades and have new dye lots in the works. Apologies to those of you who may have found your style or shade out of stock. I should be able to fill orders for either color by January. In the meantime, I’m generally well stocked in other shades in TopsSkirts, and Pants

Trapeze Tunic in Bayleaf and Black Stovepipe Pants over a black knit basic makes for a classic look.

Have you dropped a subtle hint about wishing for a Sympatico gift certificate this holiday season?

Have you dropped a subtle hint about wishing for a Sympatico gift certificate this holiday season?


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