Cool ideas for summer wardrobe updates

Cool ideas for summer wardrobe updates

Posted by Rose on 14th Jul 2022

Summertime is a fine time to change things up a little when it come to dressing.

One of the rewards of showing the Sympatico collection at  Lithia Artisans Market is seeing how returning customers wear their outfits in creative ways that wouldn’t necessarily occur to me. 

Experiment with volume.

cool hemp clothing

Tank Top and Cropped Pants.

Choose playful colors

short sleeved hemp top

Swallowtail Top in Caramel, Cropped Pants in Teal.

Go wide with your pants.

wear loose pants in natural fiber

Trapeze Tunic in Periwinkle, Cropped Pants in Graphite.

Try a summer scarf: cotton or hemp or . . .

summer cotton sarf

Add a splash of sky to your outfit with an Indigo Organic Cotton Voile Scarf/Wrap

Play with layers

A trapeze tunic is a comfy shape.

Trapeze Tunic in Mulberry over a Flip Skirt in Plum.

Wear white like you don’t care.

Yes, it will get dirty but it gives protection from the sun and keeps you cool.

hemp button top

Tuxedo Top in undyed Natural.

Swap your wrap for a bandana or square scarf

hand dyed square hemp scarf

Square Striped Hemp/Tencel Scarf

Wear a neckline that sits away from your neck

hemp top

Princess Top in Black.

Choose wovens, not knits, on hot days.

hemp top

Wovens like this Tuxedo Top in Graphite breathe better than knits when the thermometer soars.

Most importantly, have fun and stay cool!