Travel Tale: Honeymoon in Israel

Travel Tale: Honeymoon in Israel

Posted by Rose on 23rd Apr 2021

This customer's honeymoon makes a great test case for Sympatico as women’s natural travel wear

For Pamela Elisheva, going natural when it comes to a travel wardrobe is essential. As our debut Travel Tales winner and a frequent traveler, she offers her experiences in packing and laundering Sympatico’s easy care hemp/Tencel fabric. Like many Sympatico customers, she’s discovered that Sympatico offers the comfort, no-fuss care and versatility that are hallmarks of a well thought-out capsule travel wardrobe.

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trapeze top over long travel skirt

Above: Pamela looking cool in her Trapeze Tunic worn over an Angled Skirt.

Some of the many way to wear a long travel skirt

On left: Pamela wears our Tuxedo Top layered over a Trapeze Tunic and an Angled Skirt; on right, a Tank Top over a long sleeve top and Angled Skirt.

Pamela's Travel Tales entry took the form of a travel journal in which she addresses the practical aspects of staying comfortable and presentable on the road.

Pamela on laundering her capsule wardrobe:

Washed skirt & top a week ago in the kitchen sink of our guest house in Arbel, then hung it out to dry. Last night, steamed it in the bathroom which had no exhaust fan for shower steam—convenient :-) This pose is before Israeli buffet breakfast, but after a float in the Dead Sea at dawn. Ahhh...Israeli resort pleasures…

More dispatches from Pamela follow, this one from Jerusalem.

On wearing:

Saturday is Shabbat; it's forbidden to shop and all tourism sites are closed. So we toured churches in the Old City instead. What you don't see in this photo are the knee braces under the skirt—they’re extremely helpful with flights of stairs everywhere. The outfit still looks awesome, even though I really look like a tourist with my walking stick and goofy shade hat. My nose has not burned yet though!

Swallowtail Top over a long skirt, both made of hemp - Tencel

Above: Pamela pauses in a Plum Swallowtail Top over a long sleeve top and Angled Skirt.

womens hemp Tencel topswomens hemp Tencel skirtswomens hemp - Tencel pants

On packing:

Pamela also offers this slightly tongue-in-cheek packing advice.

Packing Tips:Pack smart in natural clothing Use this two-step process to press your clothes on a trip. For best effect, zip up the suitcase tightly. (P.S. This works best if you overpack, like me.) 


Pamela Elisheva

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